every time i’m by your side/ i discover what it’s like/ to live within the wings of an angel    Advertisements

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Fuck The System//

  I don’t remember the last time I felt okay with the world around me, and perhaps this is because I never was. Even as a young child, when I looked around at society and at my world, at “everyone else,” I felt extremely out of place. It was as if my brain and their […]

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Journal Entry// 11.7.17

Most of these days are empty; grey and quiet and lonely. Visions of summer days flash before my eyes; quick snippets of warmth amongst the numbing. So I sit here and write this, and think of lands far away. I often wonder why my mind dwells in so much fog. I wonder why I was […]

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these greying clouds drift overhead blowing whispers of cold along my silent street this place where the lonely glow of that streetlamp outside was often my only friend and the quiet gazing down at the pavement at dawn, at midnight waiting for an angel to kiss the cement and save me from my mind or […]

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Journal Entry// 11.4.17

I have found that these greying autumn days both lift me up and bring me down. I identify with the cold, breathe it, like it’s the only thing I’ve known. And perhaps it is. These last few years have been the longest of my life. I remember the days of fading hopes; the darkened light […]

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