don’t look too close it’s dark inside bloodied and soiled the burning decay of a lonely soul don’t look to close there’s pain inside the deathly nostalgia of the way things used to be the beauty that once was eating away at the void the empty a heart so broken. -Karissa

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Life Update//

Hey loves! So I like to do these posts every now and then, just to express where I’m at, and also to connect with those of you who have been going through similar things. Basically, the past couple of months have been pretty tough for me. I have been on summer break for two weeks […]

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Journal Entry// June 12th

The Rain is a Perfect Place for Lovers to be Free I watch the quiet drops descend from the sky as I lay in my bed. I am thinking of you, as I usually am. I put on the playlist of all the songs that remind me of you. I listen to every word and […]

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each day creeps by with the same black fog clouding your atmosphere filling your lungs and suffocating you with the sweet breath of silence. and what is love to the weak? a killer, a saint the bloody hell of fingers pricked on the most perfect roses the fire that consumes your skin and blinds your […]

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